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Temporal Mandibular Joint Treatment (TMJ)

How can Timberline PT help individuals with TMJ dysfunction?

Physical Therapy can help with your TMJ

Did you know that Timberline Physical Therapy can treat your patients with TMJ dysfunction?

We treat TMJ dysfunction in a stepwise fashion.  Our approach is dependent on the individual’s specific presentation but we typically start with anti-inflammatory and pain control modalities such as Ultrasound (we have a 2 cm soundhead specifically to treat small joints such as the TMJ), and cold laser therapy. We have two 2-watt cold lasers in the clinic and have been treating patients with Laser for over five years. The laser is a fast, effective and noninvasive way to treat all types of pain from musculoskeletal,  neurogenic as well as soft tissue.  We also work to decrease abnormal muscle tightness and muscle spasm with specific types of electrical stimulation from TENS and IFC to NMES (dependent on the patients needs).  Next, we work to manually correct joint alignment and soft tissue dysfunction. We use soft tissue massage techniques as well as joint mobilization to the TMJ and cervical spine, which can also be involved. The therapists here have advanced training in manual techniques to include intraoral massage and joint mobilization techniques. Additionally, we integrate specific therapeutic exercise as well as postural instruction to correct muscular and habitual issues.  Our approach is comprehensive and effective with an extensive list of successful outcomes.

If you would like more information on our techniques or to meet our Physical Therapist please call and schedule a coffee or lunching.

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