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"The staff are very helpful and pay attention to my needs whether it's pain management or exercise. They treat me with respect. They encourage my continued success with physical therapy. I have scheduling problems due to my health. They are very amendable about it. I've been trying to do better with that. I've recommended them to friends and family."
Jul 18, 2018
"This is the best PT in Vancouver. Therapists are so knowledgeable. They stay right with you and make sure you are doing everything right. I would not hesitate to recommend Timberline. Very professional and kind. First time PT really worked for me. "
Mar 27, 2018
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  • “I enjoyed my time here. All of the staff were amazing. Everyone was super helpful and friendly.”

    Nicole B.

  • “I felt very welcomed from my first appointment. I was given the relief I needed with an awesome exercise routine.”

    Benjamin S.

  • “Everyone was so kind and helpful. Best PT people I have ever worked with.”

    Jean E.

  • “Staff is very friendly and helpful. Great therapy to help improve my feet.”

    Jane W.

  • “I appreciate the way you worked with my daughter at her level of understanding and her pace, with compassion and support J.”

    Jamie M.

  • “Personality – Fun – Responsive – Well Educated – A joy to work with.”

    Gary W.

  • “Always played with my son, he enjoyed that. Very kid friendly J.”

    Terrance R.

  • “Very friendly staff. PT Jacob was an excellent clinician.”

    Michiyo H.

  • “I am doing very well. The arm is almost perfect. (twinges now and again) When that happens, I give it a massage and do my exercises. I even was able to carry a couple of window air conditioning units in from the garage, up a flight of stairs and installed them by myself. You guys are terrific. I would recommend you to anyone who needs treatment.”

    Shauna P.

  • “The customer service and care expressed by all staff has made this an amazing experience and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

    Aryanna K.

  • “I am pretty quiet so I appreciated you guys making conversation with me J”


  • “I always felt challenged, but also like I could take my time if needed. I also never felt belittled if I couldn’t do something fully. The staff was always amazing.”

    Megan P.

  • “You guys *don’t* make me feel like I *can’t* do something. There’s always encouragement and support.”

    Emily I.

  • “I think everyone was so friendly and nice but stayed professional. Good group of folks.”

    Kaye A.

  • “I don’t think physical therapy is supposed to be fun, but I actually had a good time at my appointments. And I got a coffee cup!”

    Casey K.

  • “To anyone that will listen. The entire staff made me feel welcome and empowered that I would improve and get my life back. The staff worked will together to make sure my goals were met.”

    Sally D.

  • “Good people skills – for everyone.”

    Donna B.

  • “I was very happy with how everyone was very kind. J”

    Adriana G.

  • “This is the most caring, kind and compassionate staff, and I’m happy to have had the chance to recover here.”

    Michelle R.

  • “Keep on doing what you’re doing!”

    U. S.

  • “Staff was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to both my goals and treatment plan. I was pretty eager to develop a home based plan earlier in treatment, but still progressed very quickly.”

    Aaron K.

  • “Keep up the excellent work!”

    Shannon E.

  • “My daughter needed physical therapy for a recurring sprained ankle and Timberline came highly recommended by her orthopedic doctor. We live in North Portland but would make the trek 2-3 times a week for therapy. They really focused on her ability to play sports again.

    The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. My only wish is that I knew about Timberline after my auto accident.”

    Amber I.

  • “Staff and patient care are both amazing and the options of care combo (exercises, massage, ultrasound)”

    Destiny W.

  • “You all are very happy and relaxed which helped alleviate my own stress after hurting myself. One of those places I actually looked forward to coming to every week. Thank you!! You guys Rock Socks!!”

    Jordan G.

  • “You make me feel confident with the treatment plan and I appreciate all of your clinicians.”

    Lisa V.

  • “There should be a level above excellent. Perhaps “Jedi excellent.”

    Alex W.

  • “I love the family vibe & teamwork each clinician provides. Truly they are about getting you better & moving on.” Joan R.

    “Really care about your patients and it shows!!”

    Patricia C.

  • “Everyone is so kind, helpful and great with giving you information to help you work at home.”

    Jennifer D.

  • “I love you guys! I will be back to visit. Your staff and facility are exceptional!”

    Valerie K.

  • “Great team love coming here.”


  • “Thank you all for your wonderful care and support. I am excited about my “road to recovery”, and appreciate everyone’s pleasant and helpful attitude”


  • “Dear Timberline Physical Therapy, Thank you so much for allowing me to complete some of my job shadowing hours at both PT clinics. I learned a lot while working with Zane, Dana, and all the PTA’s. Thank you very much!”


  • Hi Timberline Staff, I just want to Thank You All for the wonderful help & care you provided me to help get my arm strength back. A very special THANKS to Dana & Ariel for listening to my crazy life stories, to Misty for your “we don’t care if you can’t pay today we just want you to get better” attitude, to Suzanna & Maki for their smiles & always making me feel welcome & Zane for all your technical explanations. I will recommend anyone to your clinic!!! Thanks so much!!!


  • “I want to thank you for all you have done for me and my shoulder. I fell and broke my ankle in 2007, and didn’t realize I had hurt my shoulder too. When my shoulder pain became worse I went to my Dr. To my surprise I had injured my Rotator Cuff when I fell. I mentioned it didn’t hurt right away and my Dr’s said sometimes it can take time for the pain and problems to show up. My Dr. said Timberline was close to my home and he had heard they are good. Your staff is the best, they helped to make me feel comfortable and gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling, so I knew I was in the right place. When I called for an appointment I noticed your staff had wondrous comments about your success. This helped to give me confidence in coming to your office. Once in your office, I noticed the positive atmosphere, not only with your staff, but also your whole setting. While I was there I felt I was the most important person there. You are a very down to earth therapist that understands and has compassion for the fact that I could barely reach behind me and assured me that my problem could be resolved. Between the electrical treatments and exercises you had me do, I was able to get my mobility back in relatively short time! The assistants you have working with you are top notch. To my pleasant surprise, I regained my mobility with my arm quite soon after starting your treatments and exercise routines. Your office Staff is right; you are a wonderful therapist and person. I would recommend your practice to anyone. Kudos to you Zane and thank you again for taking such good care of me!”


  • “I was referred to Zane Smith, owner of Timberline Physical Therapy by a close friend. Zane has treated me for the past 1.5 years for back pain and knee surgery recovery (twice). His superior skills, knowledge and techniques combined with a caring and professional manner and enhanced by his support staff has made a difficult transition easy. I recommend him without reservation.”